Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little brag

The Wife taught her second photography class last night. Last week there were 14 students enrolled. This week there was 19. Wow. The students had dutifully done their homework and returned with photographs, and The Wife amazed and astounded all by correctly identifying the aperture and shutter speed used on individual photographs. To the students, it came across as some weird, prescient ESP. As a photography instructor, you can't buy street cred like that.

Turns out enough of the Intro to Digital Photography students have been impressed enough by The Wife to go ahead and register for the more advanced follow-up Digital SLR Photography course she'll be teaching later this fall. So many, in fact, that the Community Education people have placed an enrollment cap on the class. Apparently, that's unheard of. The Community Ed people seem ecstatic, and The Wife has a bit of a bounce in her step as well.

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