Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Night Videos

Okay, I never was much a fan of San Kinison but have to admit I found his version of "Wild Thing" amusing, probably because of the video more than any musical merit the song might have. The video itself would be stunningly misogynistic were it not so over-the-top that it passes into self-parody. I mean, really--Jessica Hahn? Ratt? Billy Idol? Guns 'n Roses? I mean, it's just flat-out nuts. Check your good taste at the door.

Tangentially, Sam Kinison's untimely death after being struck head-on by a drunk driver has a fascinating side story to it. As comedian Carl LaBove related on KLBJ's Dudley & Bob show about a decade back, he was traveling in a vehicle behind Kinison and saw the wreck happen. He was the first to reach the wreck, and it appeared Kinison had suffered only minor injuries (in fact, he's sustained fatal internal injuries. According to LaBove, Kinison seemed unaware of his presence, and instead was addressing someone unseen: "I don't want to die. I don't want to die." There was a pause, as if Kinison were listening to something, and he asked, "But why?" In my recollection of the on-air story, LaBove said Kinison then said, "I understand," followed by "Okay. Okay... okay." With the last "okay," Kinison died. It may not sound like all that typed up on this blog, but it was a powerful story, and one of the few times I've heard Dale Dudley and Bob Fonseca rendered mostly speechless.

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