Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Night Videos

Flashback to 1985, when the oddly-named group, The Hooters, burst upon the music scene with a string of hits off the pretty darn good album Nervous Night. (Oddly, the title track was not initially included on the vinyl album or CD, but showed up on the cassette as a bonus track. It was subsequently included on later CD pressings.) Everyone remembers the infectious "And We Danced" for good reason, but it's the odd and haunting "All You Zombies" that was the first single off that album, a bizarre choice, since it sounds nothing like the other songs. The video itself is notable for the sheer number of 80s rock video cliches they manage to cram into its 4-plus minute running time. How many can you spot?

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Sam Kinison.

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