Thursday, June 18, 2015

Apollocon or bust!

I'm returning to Apollocon this weekend for the first time since 2011. So, naturally, I somehow pulled my adductor muscles in my groin and am hobbling around like some demented wind-up toy. Needless to say, I'll be a wee bit more sluggish this time around than my usual manic self. But hey, it's Apollocon, one of my favorite conventions up to the point where scheduling conflicts interrupted my annual visits. As a bonus, the convention's new hotel on the west side of Houston is much, much more convenient for me, and probably shaves close to an hour off my travel time. Yay!

Here's my schedule for those of you in the area and interested in dropping by to witness my antics first hand:

8 p.m. - Reading It's been a long time since I've agreed to a reading, so I have no clue as to how this will go. For the curious, I will be reading a chapter from that Chicken Ranch book I keep going on about. I might even discuss how I've successfully avoided publication thus far!
9 p.m. - Texas Fen, Texas Proud — Everything is bigger in Texas. Some say, weirder, too. What makes Texas fen stand out from the crowd?

9 a.m. - Writer's Workshop Three straight hours of crushing souls and shattering dreams. What's not to like?
1 p.m. - The Best of the West: Westerns in Sci-Fi and Fantasy These days, the Western is the genre equivalent of peanut butter: not often served on its own, and yet, it seems to go with just about everything. Why is the Western so appealing and adaptable, and what are the best examples of great Western fusion?
2 p.m. - The Struggle Professional writers discuss the things they struggle with when writing, including but not limited to: imposter syndrome and failed story attempts.
3 p.m. - OMG! Mars Has No Internet! On Earth, the Internet reaches nearly everywhere. When we colonize Mars and other extraterrrestrial places, there will be no Internet. How will colonists raised with access cope when they no longer have it? (You may need to avert your eyes, folks--I'm moderating this one)
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