Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

Growing up in small-town Texas, our local radio station played both kinds of music--country and western. So along about 1981 I heard the song "Wasn't That A Party" quite a bit. This was the era of country-rock crossovers, and this silly drinking anthem by the band the Rovers was pretty much the Platonic Ideal of such a song. So imagine my surprise decades later upon discovering the Rovers were, in fact, the famed Irish Rovers during a brief flirtation with a name change. I mean, their vocals are a perfect match for Nashville of the time. The video below is from their 25th anniversary show, and includes quite a bit of silly intro that is worth watching. Sobering to think that the band celebrated its 50th anniversary just last year. So, listen to to the song and then tell me with a straight face that it's obvious this is the same group that rose to prominence with "The Unicorn" all those years ago.

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