Monday, July 20, 2015

The Armadillocon cometh

Armadillocon 37 is this coming weekend, and thankfully somebody forgot about that restraining order and invited me again. I'll be at the con all three days, catching up with old friends and participating in some interesting panels this time around. Here's my schedule for the coming weekend:

5 p.m. Researching Your Book: Cheney*, Moyer, Osborne, Thomas, Wood
Where to look, who to ask, what to do? How much is too much? What do you do with all the research that doesn't fit in the book? (ie, there's a Turkey City Lexicon entry titled "I've suffered for my art--now it's your turn!" That's pretty much this panel)

10 a.m.
Hobbit Movies: Carl, de Orive, Ewing, Swendson*, Wilson
A consideration of the series. (My consideration--somewhere amidst the 9 hours of mayhem, there are two excellent, 90 minutes films trying to get out)
1 p.m. Writing a Strong Teen Protagonist: Griffin, P. J. Hoover, Kerr, Mancusi, Prevost
What works and what doesn't when striving to create a memorable and believable teen character? (Geeze, I'm the moderator on this one, in which I confess that despite observing two teens up close on a daily basis, I still have no idea what makes them tick)
3 p.m. Reading: A reading! In which I read something! (Most likely to be Chicken Ranch related. I think I scarred Jim C. Hines for life at Apollocon the other month...)
4 p.m. Speculative Fiction as a Mirror to Religion: Cardin, Kimbriel, Marmell, Morrow, Swendson
Illuminating human institutions, belief systems, theology, and cosmology. (Hey! I'm moderator again! No worries--this is always an interesting panel, and the participants here make my job a lot easier)

Autographing: Clevenger, Duchamp, Fletcher, P. J. Hoover
In which I sit around watching other people sign stuff!
The entire Armadillocon 37 programming grid may be found in all its glory at See you there!

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