Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chicken Ranch report no. 75: We've got media!

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the talented Karen Brooks Harper of the Dallas Observer, and the result is the quite excellent article Author Jayme Blaschke Is Setting the Record Straight on Texas' Most Famous Brothel. Unfortunately, the tragic sniper attack on Dallas police threw the publishing plans into disarray, so I do not know if it will appear in this week's edition, next week's, or ever. Them's the breaks. On the upside, it's readily available for anyone to read online at their leisure:

It is perhaps a defining characteristic of Texas Chicken Ranch: When it comes to Texas’ most famous whorehouse, people apparently enjoy being in the dark.

In its bedrooms. In the telling of its history. On stage and on the silver screen.

But a Texas writer is turning on the lights in the story of the Lone Star State’s iconic brothel, unearthing for the first time what he says is the true history of the La Grange “boarding house” — steeped until now in fables told by whispering locals and far-away Hollywood characters.
Not too shabby, eh? I've got a couple more potentially nice media pieces coming out soon, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, I'd like to remind everyone that I'm making in-person appearances at the Sunday matinee performance of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the Playhouse San Antonio, where I'll be discussing my book, Inside the Texas Chicken Ranch, and talking about this historical brothel and how its closing inspired the play. But don't just come to see me--the musical is a whole heck of a lot of fun, as I wrote earlier. But don't just take my word for it: The San Antonio Express-News gave it a glowing review, and BroadwayWorld give it a rave recommendation--albeit grudgingly. So come on out and say howdy! You won't be sorry!

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