Sunday, November 05, 2017

World Fantasy Awards

World Fantasy Con 2017 is in the books. For the record, it's one of the best conventions I've ever attended, if not the best. The programming was original and stimulating, the attendees present were fascinating and I came away with much to be pleased about. And, for the first time in a few years, I took photos at a con. Lots and lots of photos. I'll post a full writeup in the next day or so, but since the World Fantasy Awards are fresh on everyone's mind, I wanted to share these with the world tonight.

The awards ceremony started off with a strong, moving speech from Toastmaster Martha Wells. It got quote emotional at times, and I could tell Martha was in a zone, not terribly aware of the reactions she was getting from the audience. I'll share a few here.

In a surprise move, Guest of Honor David Mitchell was presented with the "Cthulhu Elvis Award." I really have no idea what this silliness signifies, but it met with wide approval. In accepting the plush Elder God, Mitchell shared the astonishing fact that World Fantasy 2017 was the first-ever convention he'd ever attended. He seemed to really enjoy himself, so I suspect it won't be his last.

Terry Brooks was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and showed a good sense of comic timing with his gracious acceptance speech. Marina Warner also received a Lifetime Achievement Award, but was not present.

Jeffrey Ford won Best Collection for A Natural History of Hell, published by Small Beer Press.

Neile Graham won Special Award, Non-Professional, for fostering excellence in the genre through her role as workshop director for Clarion West.

Jeffrey Alan Love won Best Artist.

Jack Dann won Best Anthology for Dreaming in the Dark, published by PS Australia.

G.V. Anderson won Best Short Fiction for “Das Steingeschöpf,” published by Strange Horizons.

Kij Johnson won Best Long Fiction for "The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe," published by

Claire North won Best Novel for The Sudden Appearance of Hope, published by Redhook; Orbit UK. She was not present to accept, and I believe Brit Hvide accepted in her stead.

Finally, Michael Levy & Farah Mendlesohn won Special Award, Professional, for Children’s Fantasy Literature: An Introduction, published by Cambridge University Press.

And before I go, I just have to say the Fiesta Pavilion had absolutely terrible lighting. It was low, which isn't unexpected, but it was also a weird mix for primarily florescent that gave everything an ugly yellow hue, making the entire gathering look like a jaundice convention. It's not that difficult for these venues to put in good lighting with decent white balance, but they continue to refuse to do so. Okay, I'll put away my soapbox now. Enjoy!

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