Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

There are a great number of talented and even legendary musicians who just don't do music videos. Or, if they do, some of their songs become iconic well after they were originally release and never became a hit. Heck, they might've been considered filler on an album somewhere along the line. Which makes it difficult to feature said songs on Friday Night Videos. This week, for example, has been damp, dreary and chilly for the most part, making me look wistfully at our pool and long for those lazy July floats, sipping on a passion fruit-infused hurricane. That, in turn, led me to think about songs evocative of tropical paradise, which inevitably led to John Prine's politically incorrect (but very funny) "Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian." All I can say to that is, thank goodness for Austin City Limits!

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Cinderella.

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