Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Others see it, too

Looks like I'm not the only person who found the ballot language on the constitutional amendment poorly written. The Austin American-Statesman covers the story:
The first sentence of an intended ban on same-sex marriage, drafted by state lawmakers last spring, defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

The second sentence states: "This state or a political subdivision of this state may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage."

And not recognizing anything "identical" to marriage could mean not recognizing marriage, said Glen Maxey, who heads No Nonsense in November, an Austin-based group battling the amendment.

Proponents of the amendment dismiss the concerns, naturally enough. But it's pretty clear that if they had competent people writing it, this wouldn't be an issue. Of course, if there were competent people in Austin, we'd have a working school finance plan rather than this pointless amendment in the first place.

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