Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Berries & Cream

Dr Pepper's recently introduced a new flavor, Dr Pepper Berries & Cream. When Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper first came out, I wasn't that thrilled. I thought the cherry too strong and the vanilla too weak, but over time I've grown to really like the drink, and usually reach for it ahead of regular Dr Pepper (which has long been my mainstay in the carbonated beverage line).

So with me being a huge raspberry fan, Berries & Cream had me excited. Yum! I couldn't wait to try it.

Then I tried it. It was not love at first taste. I was taken aback by how ambivalent I was about the flavor. Remembering how lukewarm I was about Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, I figured I'd give it another try. A week later, I picked up another Berries & Cream bottle. This time I outright disliked it. And I could finally put my finger on it: The raspberry component was too harsh, and tasted artificial. With growing horror, I realized that it reminded me of cough syrup more than anything else. Yuck! My beloved Dr Pepper bottler has feet of clay after all.

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