Friday, April 28, 2006

No Marlins? No surprise.

What? You mean that since San Antonio told the Marlins to either put up or shut up, the Marlins have been making nice with South Florida? I am shocked! Shocked I tell you!
Wolff acknowledged Thursday that lines of communication with the Marlins have gone dead since his decision two weeks ago to give the club a May 15 deadline to commit to San Antonio.

"Every day that goes by, I think there is less and less chance of getting anything done," Wolff said.

Apparently put off by Wolff's deadline, the Marlins are considering at least one new proposal designed to keep the team in South Florida. According to the Miami Herald, officials in Hialeah, Fla., are putting together a plan to provide free land for a new stadium and impose a new business property tax to raise funds for construction.


Echoing comments made two weeks ago by County Commissioner Lyle Larson, Wolff said in the future San Antonio should deal with teams and leagues simultaneously. That way, Larson has said, the city can avoid being used by owners seeking leverage for stadium deals in their own cities.

"If there is a next time, they need to come in a united way and not just in a 'we're-thinking-about-it' mode," Wolff said. "The league and the team considering relocation need to come hand-in-hand and say, 'We need to come to your (city). What will you do?'"

Once again, it's pretty clear that the Marlins were only listening to San Antonio's $200 million offer in order to use it as leverage against their current landlords. Once SA made it clear it wouldn't be content to serve merely as leverage, the Marlins abruptly and completely lost interest. Same song, 237th verse...

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