Thursday, April 06, 2006

Street cred

There's a vacant lot--actually, maybe 2/3 of a lot--in our subdivision that remains undeveloped because of the city's need for utility access, drainage issues, etc. The lot backs up against pastureland, and there's a ditch right along the border with a good deal of standing water.

In this algae-filled environment swim uncountable tadpoles.

The kids in the neighborhood have discovered this, mine being the ringleaders. Catching tadpoles has become the after-school activity, fueled in no small part by Calista's posession of Rocky, a toad she raised from a tadpole bought from a local pet shop. Catching the tadpoles has been more easily said than done--they don't want to be caught, see, and swim away. Enter me, with a simple plastic cup. Dip cup in water with the bottom at a low angle, so water flows into said cup, sucking tadpoles in with it.

Now neighborhood kids come ringing our doorbell, asking if "Calista's Dad" can come out and catch tadpoles with them.

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