Thursday, April 27, 2006

World Fantasy progress report no. 3

I just got in the third progress report for this year's World Fantasy Convention. The main thing this progress report does is serve to remind me that I'm way behind on my novel's progress. If I plan to have something in decent enough shape to pitch to all those editors gathered in Austin, then I really, really need to get on the stick and stop using Orion as an excuse to procrastinate.

This progress report also contains the World Fantasy Award nomination ballot. There are categories open for Grand Master, Novel, Novella, Short Fiction, Anthology, Collection, Artist and two Special Awards, professional and non-professional. I haven't read all that much fantasy lately--actually, I haven't read all that much fiction at all--so I'll have to think long and hard about any nominees. I'll probably have to leave most of them blank.

The other interesting thing about the progress report is the membership list. It's growing. Boy howdy, is it growing. And there are a lot of interesting people planning on attending. Some I haven't seen in close to a decade, some I've wanted to meet for a long time. Right. Back to writing.

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