Monday, July 17, 2006

Apollocon 2006 photos

Duh. I uploaded these photos nearly two weeks ago, but forgot to post them here. There are more over on my Flickr pages.


Above we have the gathering of Guests of Honor for the Friday night opening ceremonies: (left to right) David Franklin of Farscape, Greg Edmonson, the music composer for Firefly, Alain Viesca, the artist best-known for his "Liquor Fairy" series of prints, and Steve MacDonald, filk guest of honor.


Another panel from the convention, which I have no recollection as to what it was about: Rebecca Elsenheimer, Martha Wells and Chris Nakashima-Brown.


Lee Martindale (left) and John Moore.


Greg Edmonson and Alain Viesca make the rounds during Saturday night's room parties.


Those responsible: Con Chair Mark Hall and Programming Director Kim Kofmel.


M.T. Reiten attempts to ensnare unsuspecting fans with the old "Pull my finger" ploy, while Selina Rosen demonstrates her dexterity with a multi-tool and Martha Wells is ambushed in the hall.


Houston Browncoats descended on the convention, turning Apollocon into a Firefly-friendly hoedown. You can always tell a Browncoat by the bittersweet look in their eyes--they're sad the series didn't last long enough for James "Maverick" Garner to make a guest appearance as Mal's father. But hey, when you have Cedric of the Bedlam Bards (right) singing "The Ballad of Joss," you forget petty worries like that in a hurry.


And what's a con without costumes? Above we have Cruella DeVil and a lethal-looking Nebari.


Who ya gonna call when you need an unlicensed particle accelerator to wear on your back?


I'll admit I was disappointed that she never once screamed "Off with her head!" Ah well, there's always next year.

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