Friday, July 07, 2006

Giddy with good news!

Am I on a roll, or what? First, I sell "Prince Koindrindra Escapes" to the Cross Plains Universe anthology, and now I get word from across the pond that the good folks at Interzone have accepted "Being an Account of the Final Voyage of La Riaza: A Circumstance in Eight Parts" for publication. Payment will be determined on a words per title/words per story ratio.

Jazzed isn't even close to what I'm feeling right now--breaking into this new incarnation of Interzone, the magazine that gave me my professional start has been a mission of mine for a good long while. Seriously, this was the most enthusiastic acceptance I've ever garnered.

Those people out there who've read "Prince Koindrindra Escapes" and noted my zeppelin fixation, well, be advised that La Riaza is all zeppelins, all the time.

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  1. Wow and Congratulations! I've suspected that a "Grade D" acceptance is better than a "Grade A" rejection ... but the very best is a Grade A acceptance!

    Jazzed giddiness is definitely in order, so indulge yourself with snoopy dances!


  2. Thanks, y'all. What's really nifty about this is with all the worldbuilding I put into the story, much potential exists to explore these characters and worlds in future tales.

  3. Well, it's good to see a spate of good news after a long while. Yes, you worked hard and deserve to kick back a bit.
    Interzone must have sent out a few acceptances; Ed Morris, the fellow in Portland who I'm been colloborating with, also got an acceptance yesterday.
    I got some good news myself. I picked up a copy of YBSF and saw I had three HMs, including one for "Dialogue". That makes four HMs I received under your editorshop at RevSF. Thanks!
    BTW, in case you're interested, the other HMs for RevSF (that I caught in the list) went to "Leonardo's Hands" by Steve Gould and Rory Harper, and "Alien Dreams" by Jay Lake.

  4. Congratulations! Does good news come in threes? If so, what's next?

  5. Bill Crider, your words may be prophetic. I'll say no more now, lest I jinx things!