Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Only around 250 words went down on the page last night, and damned if I know why. This is one instance where I clearly saw what came next in the narrative, and even had fully formed snippets of dialogue forming amidst all that gray matter filling my head, but... The closest I can come to describing it is that the words didn't come out in the right order. Weird, I know. One character would say something. But he hadn't been established in the scene yet. So I had to work backwards and establish him. But then he was addressing something that hadn't been established yet, either. But addressing that issue disrupted the opening of the scene. I'm not allowing myself to be a perfectionist with this first draft, but the prose has to at least be coherent enough for me to understand when I come back through later to fix it. I'll tell you, last night was downright maddening. Hopefully tonight will be an improvement.

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