Friday, July 03, 2009

The Bare Essentials of Safety

Being a fan of body paint, and to a lesser degree New Zealand, I'm more than a little amused by this safety video produced by Air New Zealand which features crew members going through the step-by-step of flight safety procedures wearing nothing but painted-on uniforms:

Sadly, the video never shows a full-body shot (which is kind of the whole purpose of body paint, no? To present the illusion of being covered without actually being so?). I suppose the whole concept of the video was risque enough as it was for general consumption, but still, I dearly hope they took a good amount of professional, promotional photographs of the made-up crew. Considering the time involved in applying the paint to this degree (and I wonder if Joanne Gair may have been involved?) and the quality of the work, it'd be a shame if the only real records of them are from the shoulders up.

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