Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Night Videos

A little last minute with this week's installment of Friday Night Videos, but considering the fact we just rolled back into town earlier today from this year's "The Blaschkes Do The Griswolds" vacation road trip event, I think I'm doing pretty good. Nothing quite as spectacularly quixotic as the cruise down to the Yucatan last year, or the insane road trip to St. Louis the year before that. Just a tour of the Texas coast this time around, culminating with us poking through the rubble of what's left of Galveston (the Balinese is gone with nary a trace, the Flagship hotel is tottering on its last legs, but the good news is that Shrimp & Stuff is back in business! Yum!). Anyhoo, in light of the whole vacation thing, I can't think of a video selection more apropos than Lindsay Buckingham's "Holiday Road." Enjoy.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Johnny Paycheck.

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  1. Shrimp & Stuff is Judy's favorite Galveston restaurant. I even used it in a book once.

  2. Sadly, the Pac-Man cocktail console doesn't seem to have survived Ike intact. The kids were quite disappointed.