Thursday, July 30, 2009

So, the tables are turned, Mr. Bond

I got interviewed today. By a student. About the Chicken Ranch. It was quite a surreal moment, since I've been scouring the interwebs and old academic journals for interviews and articles written by students about the Chicken Ranch decades ago. And now here I am on the opposite end of one. I'm not entirely sure what the thrust of the assignment is--it's for a "Writing for Mass Media" course, but we didn't discuss writing so much as research and motivation. I expect I'll have a few more phone conversations with her before all is said and done.

Were I a sympathetic sort, I'd almost feel sorry for the student. I'm not one to offer self-contained, compact answers. I ramble and veer off into tangents and leap from here to there and back again, sometimes forgetting the original question. I do believe I buried her under a flood of information that was much greater in volume than she was expecting.

Here's hoping I'm the subject of many more interviews before all is said and done.

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