Friday, February 08, 2013

22/365: Redbud

We do have winter in Texas. Just not much of it. December was downright cold, with quite a few light freezes--enough to make me anticipate a real winter. But then January arrived, and things warmed up. February's been even warmer, with the mercury hitting 80 degrees more often than not of late. It's been so warm that many plants are breaking their winter dormancy. I noticed this redbud tree blooming on Monday--just four days into February! That's nuts. The first week of February was reserved for serious ice storms back when I was in college. In 20 years, we've gone from ice storms to sunbathing (yeah, the bikinis are out in force at Texas State this week). Tell me again how global warming/climate change is fake.

Redbud blossoms, early spring in Texas, New Braunfels, 365 photo project

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon FD 500mm f/8 reflex,/p> Now Playing: John Mellencamp Human Wheels
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