Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

I heard Cyndi Lauper's "Money Changes Everything" the other day, and thought immediately that I'd go with it for today's video installment. But then I got to thinking, and was pretty sure I'd already run it in the past. So I did a search, and turned up nothing on my blog. Not only that, but I turned up exactly zero Cyndi Lauper videos out of something like a decade of doing this. For real? I have a hard time believing that. Lauper's one of those singers I like much more now, in my dotage, than I did in their heyday. I really love her cover of "I Drove All Night" and coulda sworn I ran that one as well, but I can't find it ("She Bop" either). "Money Changes Everything" is probably my second favorite of hers--it's got a little more angst and grit than most of the other work off her first album, but is still kinda catchy. Anyway, enjoy Cyndi in her flying garbage can!

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Steve Winwood.

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