Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

I'm not the world's biggest AC/DC fan, but like pretty much everyone else who grew up in the 80s, I've got a soft spot for the durable rockers. Believe it or not, my favorite song of theirs (not counting "Big Balls," because that's more of a four-minute junior high joke than a song) is "Money Talks." I was friends with the music director (or whatever you call it) of a College Station radio station when it switched formats to AOR back in '90-'91. They were shook up the generic pop radio scene in town and garnered a lot of initial success by playing actual rock. Amusingly enough, when "Money Talks" came out, it was conspicuously absent from their playlist--although the video was on heavy MTV rotation and KLOL out of Houston played the dickens out of it. I asked why they weren't playing it, and was told by the music director he'd begged to play it, but the station owners were "afraid" of AC/DC. Apparently, they believed there'd be riots in the streets and devil worship and all manner of hell unleashed if they allowed such a thing over the airwaves. Nevermind that various AC/DC songs were played regularly at Olsen Field during Texas A&M baseball games... In any event, a few months later, about the time the song had peaked in popularity, I heard it enter the station's rotation. That's always amused me, and pretty much proves that money does indeed talk.

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  1. I remember hearing it on 101am. First bag pipe rocker. My favoriye is maybe "Gone Shooting"