Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bullet dodged--the real test comes tomorrow

Astros baseball, man. Can you feel it? I swear, as good as Clemens pitched through five innings, the man I was really impressed with was Qualls. For a middle reliever, that guy was unconscious. $20 says he cracks the starting rotation next year.

I don't they get any more hard-fought than this. Both teams made mistakes. Both teams made impossible plays. The 'Stros had plenty of opportunities to fold, and didn't. Now they're up 2-1 in the NLCS with two games remaining in Houston.

If they're going to lose one in Houston, it's Sunday. Backe has pitched well at times, but he's inconsistent. I really expect Garner to have him on a short hook, and go to the bullpen as soon as things look iffy. If the Cards get their bats going, it could get ugly. But if Backe can manage 5-6 decent innings, Houston's got a shot. After all, St. Louis' fourth arm ain't no great shakes either.

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