Monday, October 17, 2005

Nervous anticipation. Nervous anticipation.

The Astros were one game away from the World Series last year, and dropped two in a row to the Cardinals to fall short. Back in 1980 they were six outs away and cratered. This is not a done deal.

Remember how I said I wasn't going to get my hopes up this year? I lied. I'm in full-blown rainbow-uniformed fever right now.

Did you know that when the Astrodome opened, the ushers and concessions folk dressed in faux-futuristic uniforms that made them look like Pan-Am flight attendants from 2001: A Space Odyssey? That when the Dome opened, old Colts stadium was dismantled and shipped to Monterrey, Mexico, where it hosted Mexican baseball games for more than 30 years? That the Houston Buffs, the old minor-league franchise, was an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals? Sorry, but when I get giddy I start spouting off random junk like that.

Wanna read a good column regarding last night's game? Check out Jayson Stark's piece on
How do they win these games? How are they winning this series? How can the Houston Astros possibly be one win away from finally escaping the dreaded Teams That Have Never Played In The World Series Club?

They won another one of their classic Games That Couldn't Be Won on Sunday -- a 2-1 Houdini special over a team from St. Louis that still isn't too sure what is happening.

They won it by surviving a terrifying ninth inning that had a limp Craig Biggio saying afterward: "If I didn't have a heart attack tonight, I guess I'll never have one."

They won it by turning a game-ending double play that no one in the state of Texas thought could possibly be turned.

They won it because, like Francis Ford Coppola, the Astros never run out of scripts. Coronary-inducing, brain-frying, imagination-defying scripts. One after another.

And then htere's John Lopez's take from the Houston Chronicle:
If you're scoring at home, you can mark down the last double play like this: the Tooth Fairy to the Easter Bunny to Santa Claus.

You have to believe the fantastic. Or the fantastic never comes true.

Man, I'm a believer!

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