Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well, it's happened. The spammers have discovered my humble little blog. Over the past two days, I've deleted more than two dozen spam comments, whereas I've deleted maybe two over the preceeding year. So I'm now activating the code word verification feature to try and slow the flood into a trickle.

Why is it that all of the sudden they've found me? I blame it on Demi Moore. Last week, when word of her secret marriage to Ashton Kutcher leaked out, I had more than 2,000 unique hits in one day--all searching for pics of Demi. And somehow my blog's become one of the top 20 sites featuring her images, even though the only one I have is the bodypaint cover from Vanity Fair.

Looks like chupacabra has finally been eclipsed as the most popular draw to my site.

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