Friday, October 28, 2005


I wrote last night, believe it or not. Amazing what you can do if there's not an Astros loss playing out on TV to distract you. It's another of those reconstructive rewrites I've been fond of lately, taking somewhat ambitious stories I attempted some years back but fell short on, dusting them off and starting over from the ground up. This one was originally written 10 years back. Amazing. I've always liked it--its base premise is another of those worn SF cliches that you're not supposed to touch, which I tend to gravitate towards--and despite my cringing at the ham-fisted writing, I still think the story has merit.
Alpha gasped.

She stood beneath the black, starry sky, vertigo overcoming her. It was a dome, she realized. An immense dome separating them from the vacuum of space. The Earth, waxing full, filled nearly a third of the sky while the silvery moon shone just beyond.

Below the catwalk, plants of infinite variety choked the dome. Trees, vines, shrubs, grasses... all fighting for space and sunlight.

Alpha shot an accusing look at the aliens. "You said there weren’t any plants left."

"And so there weren’t--then," Yoda said. "Now you begin to see."

"Would you like to go into the garden?" asked Gort.

She silently nodded. Gort made a slight gesture and their section of catwalk dropped smartly to the ground.

Alpha stood, rooted to her spot. She craned her neck, staring at the thick tangle of passion vines that grew up the wall, their delicate, fibrous flowers a blaze of violet and white.

"It smells... green."

The reason I'm working on this one now is because of a market that currently has a specific theme open that it'd be well-suited for. Unfortunately, the reading period closes at the end of the month, and looking at all the commitments I have between now and then, I seriously doubt the story will be ready by then. I've really got to work on my time management skills.

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  1. Is the market in question that thing that Scalzi is guest-editing for one month? The "big SF cliche" theme issue?

  2. Yeah, that's the one. The cliche in this one is pretty obscure, tho, and I doubt anyone would recognize it as such if I didn't spell it out at the end. It's most absolutely, definitely not going to be finished in time. Fortunately, it's not one of those stories that can only sell to the theme antho/zine open at the time or writing. Whenever I get the rewrite finished, it can just as easily go to F&SF or Analog and be rejected wholly on its own merits...