Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Crown molding

I installed crown molding along the top of the office bookcase tonight, inbetween innings of the NLCS. I screwed up in two places, getting a 45-degree corner angle not quite right, and slipping on an end cut, which necessitated me trimming off more wood than desireable to get a straight cut. So I have a bit of puttying and other such damage control awaiting me over the next few days. Even so, I have to say "Wow." The crown molding makes such a dramatic difference, it's amazing. Even Lisa admitted the whole debacle looked pretty good (although to be fair, it might be the fact that she can see the end of this years-long project approaching that looks good to her).

Tomorrow I believe I'll tackle the last of the big cut jobs--shelf tops for the cabinets. The opportunity for disaster looms large here, so I expect lots of cursing in the days to come.

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