Sunday, November 14, 2004

Aggies win. I am happy.

A 32-25 overtime victory over Texas Tech isn't ideal, but I'll take it. It was very nice to see the Aggies win this year. There are a bunch of other schools that count as bigger, more enjoyable wins. The Longhorns, of course. Then you also have to add in the Sooners. Used to be, back in the days of the SWC, Arkansas was great to beat. Around that same time, we were whipping up on LSU as well. I was always so happy after beating those teams. Losses hurt, but you knew that was a quality program that beat you, so there was no shame.

There's much shame in losing to Tech. Longhorns may be arrogant and in-your-face when they win, but hey, they've got the history to back it up. And they generally concede the better team won when they lose. Red Raider fans, though, the majority of them in my experience are rude and uncouth no matter what. A few months back, my wife hosted a La Leche playgroup in our home, and one mother who attended saw we'd graduated from A&M and started in about how stupid Aggies were, and how sorry our football team was. And this woman--who we barely knew--was a guest in our home. That, unfortunately, is par for the course with Tech fans in my experience. So I don't derive that much joy in beating them, but I can't imagine a wose team to lose to.

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  1. As a t-sip, I have to express a certain amount of dismay at the way Coach Fran is whipping the Aggies into shape. I'm not looking forward at all to the game in two weeks, and even less to the years ahead.

  2. Bill, as a friend, I sincerely hope Coach Fran gives you and all the other misguided T-Sips many a sleepless night over the next few decades. Of course, I don't want to sound greedy, so I'll just settle for ulcers on T+1.