Monday, November 15, 2004

It's away

I finished the final review of the page proofs for Voices of Vision last night. Corrected a number of typos, added some lost indentations and inserted some lost quotation marks. On the whole, pretty much what you'd expect from a manuscript proof at this stage of the game.


I found a particularly stupid blunder on my part in Neil Gaiman's interview. Gaiman's discussing how the subconscious plans ahead in series writing, and uses as an example Terry Pratchett's character of Ronnie Soak, who was the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, only he quite before the group made it big. Pratchett never considered what Soak was actually a horseman of until several books down the line, when he realized Soak spelled backwards was "Kaos." Of course, I spelled it "Chaos." I missed that goof I don't know how many times. Gaiman missed it on his review of the material. No less than two other copyeditors missed it as well. I feel dumb, but it's fixed now.

And the manuscript has been sent on its merry way to Nebraska. It should be there by Wednesday at the latest, if the good folks at FedEx are to be believed.

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