Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Someone, somewhere once uttered words to the effect that a society always gets the government that it deserves. Since I don't have Bartlett's handy, it'll have to go unattributed. But there is a scary kind of logic in that simple phrase--society doesn't get the best, or the worst, or the indifferent. It gets the government it deserves. Looking back to the turn of century (the 20th century) there does indeed seem to be a spooky symmetry played out in four- to eight-year arcs. Are voters intelligent enough to look beyond oft-repeated talking points and 30-second attack ads to discern the real issues? Are they capable of going beyond knee-jerk, emotional reactions and think through the consequences of their vote? Are they willing to forgo lock-step straight-party voting in order to guarantee the best possible candidate rather than mindless party loyalty?

With luck, we'll know inside of 24 hours. Either way, we'll get what we deserve. Excuse me if I don't find that entirely reassuring.

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