Thursday, January 19, 2006

Best Related Book

Somebody just emailed me asking if Voices of Vision was Hugo-eligible this year for the awards to be presented at the 64th annual Worldcon. And, son of a gun, it is... in the "related book" category:
Best Related Book
Any work whose subject is related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom, appearing for the first time in book form in 2005 and which is either non-fiction or, if fictional, is noteworthy primarily for aspects other than the fictional text. (Formerly Best Non-Fiction Book)

Not that I have any delusions of even getting on the ballot. Not with such great books as Jack Williamson's autobiography Wonder's Child, Samuel R. Delany's On Writing, Kate Wilhelm's Storyteller and Thomas Disch's On SF also eligible--and that's not even scratching the surface of all the cool books Monkeybrain published this year... Wow. Looking back, 2005 was a fantastic year for genre-related non-fiction. And even though I know I'm not worthy of being even mentioned in the same sentence with those folks, there's still a little thrill that comes with seeing my book's title sharing a sentence with "Hugo Award."

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