Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Bill Crider had a post last week about Fred Pohl's novel Tommorrow Times Seven. As I so often do, I ignored the point of his post and instead asked about the cover artist.

The artist in question was Richard M. Powers (1921-1996). His stylized, surreal SF illustrations from the 60s had a huge impact on me as I was just coming into the genre. They came to symbolize the strange otherness fix I got from science fiction. His cover art was literally unlike anything else on the shelves. I found out he died in 1996, but lo and behold, there's a swinging online gallery of his ultra-hip graphical stylings. I don't think his cover above is anywhere close to his best work, but it still boasts those unique traits that make it instantly identifiable as a Powers piece. Check out the gallery. Lots of eye candy to enjoy.

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  1. Great link!

    I have a small collection of old pulps that I keep more for the cover art than the stories. Although they're fun period pieces.

    Classic stuff. I love it.