Thursday, January 12, 2006

So how warm is it?

I saw a turtle crossing the road near my house earlier today. It was a little red-eared slider, maybe five inches long. It's shell was thick with mud and algae. It was crossing from a field with a couple of stock tanks to a creek/drainage. At least, that's what I assume it was trying to do. I pulled over and helped it across the road, because really, turtles roaming the countryside in the middle of January can use all the help they can get.

And walking to work from the parking lot, I saw dozens of damsel flies darting around. At home, my apple and plum trees haven't shed all of their leaves yet. Right now it's 74 degrees, cloudy and breezy with 57 percent humidity. It feels more like March or April than the dead of winter. Thank goodness Fox News keeps reminding me that global warming is just a figment of the liberal media's overactive imagination, otherwise I might express some concern.

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