Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who was that Man of Mystery?

Scott McCullar's a long-time buddy of mine. He's one of the co-founders of Shooting Star Comics and we did the now-defunct Unofficial Green Arrow Fansite together for a lot o' years. Probably my favorite creation of his is Yellow Jacket: Man of Mystery. Yellow Jacket's a sort of glorious amalgam of Depression-era pulp heroes that I love. Obviously, there's some strong Green Hornet influence as well, but I've been reading the character's adventures since day one, and really get into the bleak, dust-bowl sensibility of the run.

Unfortunately, Yellow Jacket's stories have thus far only been published in the pages of Shooting Star Comics Anthology, and those have been hard to find--even when I specifically request them for my pull file, my local comics shop has been loathe to place an order. But now you're in luck, because Scott has launched an all-new online web comic at

I really like Scott's work, and suspect you will, too. And by you, of course, I mean Bill Crider and his gang. Although I've yet to see much cheesecake in any of Yellow Jacket's stories. Unless you count that one chica in that Mexican bar. But she ended up dead, so I'm not sure that counts after all.

And yes, I pinched one of Scott's panels and Photoshopped it a bit to make it more blog-friendly. But hey, what are friends for, if not to manipulate your copyright artwork in a brazen attempt to boost the fanbase?

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  1. Hey, I can appreciate stuff with no cheesecake. Sometimes.

  2. I promise cheesecake in THRILL SEEKER COMICS Volume One.

    Thanks for the plug!