Monday, May 08, 2006

Baptism day

Sunday was Orion's baptism. Each Catholic church sets its own particulars regarding the logistics of the sacrament. For example, at St. Mary's in Temple, they held baptism once a week if there was need for it. At Sts. Peter & Paul, however, they hold it only once a month. Which means there were 11 children to be baptised alongside Orion, with all their families as well. It got pretty doggone croweded.

I was a little concerned about Orion, because he'd been somewhat fussy during mass. But during the baptism as I was holding him, he was calm and collected, watching everything going on. He did grumble when the water washed over his forehead, but settled down quickly enough.

The elderly priest in charge had a difficult time understanding Orion's name. His hearing aid wasn't quite conveying the syllables properly (or I just can't speak plainly) and he thought I'd said Orion's name was "Mariah." Which would've been a pretty miserable name for the little guy to be saddled with, no doubt. Fortunately, I spelled out his name for them and everyone went home happy. Including Orion, who got a snazzy little white stole (above) for his troubles.

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