Friday, May 05, 2006

They're Made Out of Meat!

My favorite Terry Bisson short story--with the possible exception of "Bears Discover Fire"--is "They're Made Out of Meat" which appeared in Atlantic Monthly many moons ago. How many? Well, we studied it in my college SF lit class at A&M, so it's been a while.

Now, Chris Roberson (who always has the coolest and latest stuff on his blog) points out that "Meat" has been made into a brilliant short film, available now on YouTube. Go watch it now!

Now Playing: ExtraMedium They're Made Out of Meat


  1. Don't you mean they made it into something else? it already was a brilliant short story.

  2. D'oh! Thanks for pointing out my brain-fart. Said error is now corrected, and hopefully my entry now makes sense!