Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boobies are EEEEEVIL revisited


You know, sometimes fighting the good fight only results in headaches. Remember the jerkwad theatre owner who kicked a mother out of "Flushed Away" because she was nursing her child? Well, KENS 5 did a story on the incident, and it didn't take two seconds for the jerkwad to start portraying himself as the victim:
"To me, you can breast feed any place, that's fine. They thought she should use more modesty doing that," said Rick Uhlhorn, manager of the theater.

Uhlhorn said Barthollemew was making a scene, and offending other customers and their children by not covering up.

"One of the concession girls asked her to cover up with a blanket because customers were complaining," he said.

Liar, liar, pants on fire, Mr. Uhlhorn. Uhlhorn, aka Jerkwad, has pretty much changed his story with each retelling, painting himself more and more as a breastfeeding champion. He doesn't mention that he originally identified himself as the owner of the theater, nor does he seem to remember that he called the police to have the mother arrested for "indecent exposure." Nor does he address the witnesses that contradict his version of events. Big surprise there.

The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise also did a story on the incident, as well, discussing the possiblity of a "nurse-in":
In response to the nurse-in planned for 7 p.m., Friday, in front of the theater, Watson said the mothers have a right to peaceably assemble and make their beliefs known.

“But they cannot impede the flow of business,” Watson said. “People have to be able to come and go freely. If the demonstration is on [Uhlhorn’s] property and he calls and asks them to be removed, they will have to move or be subject to criminal trespass charges.”

Of course, the suddenly pro-breastfeeding Jerkwad welcomes nursing mothers to his establishment-- as long as they buy a ticket. Needless to say, the nurse-in has been cancelled. It'd be more than a little anti-climactic at this point, and none of the breastfeeding mothers who'd planned to participate (of which my wife is one) have any desire to give this Jerkwad any money. Ultimately, I suppose this is a victory for the forces of light, since Jerkwad has backpedaled furiously and it's doubtful he'll harass any breastfeeding mothers again any time soon. It's just disheartening, though, that's he's been able to play the media so effectively. Looking at the message boards on the various news sites that carried this story, and maybe 40 percent of the comments are blaming the mother for being "indecent" and "confrontational." She wasn't being confrontational when she called Lisa close to tears last week, but I guess that kind of stuff is easily overlooked.

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  2. I hate making typos. :-)

    Those people never realize the law protects the mother.

    Have you seen the case with Delta Airlines?
    I'll never fly them again.

  3. Yeah, I did see the Delta story. I actually meant to link to it, but I forgot in the heat of the moment. Thanks for pointing it out.