Tuesday, November 07, 2006

World Fantasy postmortem 2

For dinner on Friday Allen Varney, Steve Wilson, Chris Nakashima-Brown and I walked over to Fire Wok. Varney's a big fan, and truth to tell, the fare wasn't half bad. I picked whatever items on the menu had the most "temperature flames" beside them, and the end result was moderately spicy (as opposed to most "spicy" restaurants, which have food that ranges from bland to somewhat-less-bland). Then it was time to head back and get ready for the mass autographing session.


At the 2000 WFC in Corpus, I basically sat around and watched everyone else sign things during the scrum, since I didn't have anything out. That wasn't the case this time around, since everyone at the con had received a copy of Cross Plains Universe. All of the contributors available were seated together, making it easy for autograph seekers. I must've signed 200 copies--I was scribbling my illegible John Hancock continuously all evening. I even signed a couple of copies of Voices of Vision if you can believe that. Above are Cross Plains Universe contributors James Reasoner and Scott Cupp, with Carrie Richerson's disembodied arm for good measure.


"Joe Is My Co-Pilot" became a running joke after our chaotic attempts to reach the Rudy's Barbecue dinner on Thursday night. Fortunately, Joe recovered in time to sign a heck of a lot of books and talk mass market rights with Del Rey, Tor and the Science Fiction Book Club. Howard Waldrop simply thinks the guy with the camera is seedy-looking.


For a minute, I thought Gordon Van Gelder and Brad Denton were going to rumble, but they ended up sharing a few drinks and yukking it up together.


Joe Haldeman is, as always, awesome. I actually spent more time talking with his charming wife, Gay, during the convention. Wonderful woman. Unfortunately, I missed Joe at the Shimmer Magazine Pirate Party because, well, I missed the Shimmer Magazine Pirate Party. Oh well.

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