Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well, the game's in the bag then...

Bad news for Bill Crider and his tea-sippin' buddies: Student Bonfire burned last night and early reports have it that the centerpole was still standing as of 3 a.m.
The tradition that started in 1909 was banned from the College Station campus after 11 students and one former student were killed when the bonfire collapsed while under construction seven years ago Saturday. Several bonfires of various sizes - none sanctioned by the school - popped up across the region the first two years, but since then the effort has consolidated into one major event. It's now off campus, still not A&M-approved, and it doesn't necessarily get built at the same site each year.

For those of you unacquainted in arcane and Byzantine Aggie lore, tradition has it that if the stack falls before midnight, the Aggies will be outscored/run out of time, but if it stays up past midnight, A&M will prevail over t.u. So there.

Also, here are links to pics of stack before burn and during burn. In a few years, I'm packing up the family and we're going to Student Bonfire. The girls loved the Comal A&M Club event, but it's not the same as the real deal.

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  1. Hook 'em, teasips!

  2. Scott Cupp7:24 AM

    Just because Aggies of a college age have finally learned to make fire, it does not guarantee them any superiority on the football field. Turkeys and Agiies will be roasted this weeknd.