Wednesday, November 16, 2005

On the shelf #2

Here is the second installation of my semi-occasional feature cleverly dubbed “On the Shelf.” Going column by column, I will work my way bottom to top, left to right until I’ve cataloged my entire library, or lose interest, whichever comes first. Today’s installment examines the contents of the second-from-the-bottom, leftmost shelf, which you can see just above the telescope here:

So far, from my perspective at any rate, there isn't much in the way of odd titles that make one stop and go, "Huh." Just your standard-issues space science-heavy title parade of astronautics and planetary sciences. I suppose this one should be known as the "Astronaut Shelf." Lots of interesting books, though. Oh yes.

In part one of this exercise, I mentioned that several books of mine were perplexingly missing, and that I suspected another box lay hidden in the garage somewhere. Those suspicions were correct. Said box has been found, containing all the wayward tomes... except for Shadows Bite by Stephen Dedman. That’s the only one that remains unaccounted for. Weird.

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  1. CD's on its way, dude :)

    Lagniappe phrase: "Take her to see 'O Calcutta'" ;)

  2. Ground Zero: The only super-team in history to sink Galveston Island whilst saving it.