Thursday, May 21, 2009

New MEMORY! Finally!

Ugh. This has been the longest break thus far. I suppose losing the external hard drive to a hideous, tipping-over death serves as some sort of excuse, but a break of more than a month is sooooo embarrassing. My apologies to all six of my loyal readers. In any event, Chapter 37 is now up at No Fear of the Future, and goes a long way towards clearing up that little issue of whether the moironteau kills Flavius again:
“Flavius!” Acaona screamed.

The foothead reared back suddenly. As it did so, a dark fissure snaked its way across the mottled skin. A great crescent slice of jaw fell away, streaming purple blood. Neatly bisected lip-to-lip, the foothead thrashed wildly, jagged teeth gnashing against others no longer there.

Flavius stood in the same spot, drenched in purple blood. The point of Memory had buried itself a good foot into the ground from the momentum of Flavius’ stroke. Flavius twisted his wrist to free the sword, holding it defiantly overhead.

“I am Flavius MacDuff, of Clan MacDuff,” he bellowed, his words echoing off the palace walls, “descended of Bellona's bridegroom, the great Thane of Fife who slaughtered the Norse and Cawdor, and toppled the tyrant MacBeth! I am the bane of both the Whistard Holdchau and the Phatrical of Koor! Death has claimed me a thousand times over, and I jam my thumb into his rheumy eyes and rise to live another day! Yer chase ends here, beastie. I am yer doom!”

Flavius is fun. I like him.

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