Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Not content with destroying biology, Religious Right attacks astronomy

From the Bad Astronomy blog, I've learned that the Biblical lunatics on the Texas State Board of Education (all appointed by Governor Rick "I'm a Bigger Panderer to Religious Nutcases The You" Perry) have decided that destroying biology standards in Texas classrooms is not enough. No, undermining the scientific fact of natural selection is simply unsatisfying when you have a cowardly governor up for re-election backing you up and encouraging any an all activities that will appeal to the wing-nut fringe during the upcoming primary.

So they're now assaulting astronomy. The universe isn't 14 billion years old, opines creationist Barbara Cargill. Scientific evidence to the contrary, it can only be 4-6,000 years old, because that's what a strict reading of the Bible says. I can only assume "Deluge Geology" is next on the docket. Ugh.

I never thought I'd do this, but I'm voting in the upcoming Republican primary for Kay Bailey Hutchison. I'm no fan of hers, but in the absence of any credible Democratic candidate, she's the only hope to save Texas from the machiavellian machinations of Gov. Perry. Honesty, how does this buffoon continue to be re-elected?

Oh, and I'm ordering the DVD of Inherit the Wind to watch with my kids immediately. As history, it's as inaccurate as any of these so-called "science standards" the creationists are shoehorning into science textbooks, but it contains more Truth than their narrow minded view of reality.

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