Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Shell Shock: Where we currently stand

I really want time to stop, because as long as it continues, we'll realize there are new things to be added to the list of items that only exist on my busted external harddrive. Which sucks immensely, I can assure you.

In between bouts of brain-lock, fugue and pitiful weeping, I called around yesterday, speaking with a number of professional data retrieval companies in the Austin area as well as some nationwide. The long and short of it is the harddrive is physically busted, and definitely needs a clean room lab in order to get at the stuffs we have trapped upon it. Cost for said operation ranges anywhere from $300 to $2,400, with $1,500 being the most likely figure. One fellow, as soon as I told him my drive was an Iomega 500GB model, said knowingly, "It was standing vertically, and got knocked over, right?" He then informed me the heads were most likely ruined and needed replacing. I got the uncomfortable feeling he'd dealt with this particular scenario more than once before.

Suffice to say, I didn't whip out the checkbook right then. We have to retrieve those files eventually, but $1,500 is a steep hill for us to climb with little forewarning. First order of business is getting a new external drive to replace the lost one. Second order of business is getting The Wife her own laptop dedicated to her photography business, so she's not held hostage by something like this happening again. Third... well, I suppose retrieving those files comes next. Squirrel away a little bit each month and it might be financially viable around, oh, September...

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