Wednesday, February 01, 2006

12th Man alternatives

Aggies, being the kind and helpful sort they are, don't want to leave the Seattle Seahawks without some clever and original catch phrase for the Super Bowl. I mean, come on. That just wouldn't be sporting. So while they're forbidden to use "12th Man" because of A&M's temporary injunction, a number of helpful Aggies have proposed a number of fully original and unique slogans that are wholly underivative of any other sporting or commercial institution. And the Seahawks are welcome to use any and all, free of charge. Here's a sampling:

Rock Chalk Seahawk!

That Good Old Seahawk Line

Boomer Seahawk, Boomer Seahawk.

Cheer! Cheer! For old Seahawk dame.

He's a shamblin Hawk from Seatle Wash and a heck of a football fan.

On, you Seahawks! On, you Seahawks! Fight right down that line!

Seahawks: Dangerously cheesy.

The incredible edible Seahawk.

I can't believe its not Seahawk!

Seahwks tested, mother approved.

Choosy mothers choose Seahawks.

Shaves as close as a Seahawk, or your money back.

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese and a pickle on a sesame seed Seahawk.

Aaaaand, the winner is...
Diet Seahawk tastes more like regular Seahawk!

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  1. I'm thinking "Hawk-a-baloo ka-neck ka-keck."

  2. That should be "neck," not "keck." My teasip fingers betrayed me.