Friday, February 24, 2006

Where I'm not

Today is the start of ConDFW up in Richardson (that's essentially Dallas, if you're curious). Everyone I know is going, while I stay home to do the whole birthing thing, assuming, of course, the li'l tyke ever decides to make his grand entrance.

Try and have fun without me, guys. Like that's even possible...

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  1. OK, so you weren't there, but Scott Cupp and I talked about your story that we both hope will be in the World Fantasy Con anthology.

  2. Tease me, taunt me--that story is becoming more (in)famous by the hour. I'm starting to wonder if there's anyone who *hasn't* read it by now, and it's not even come close to publication.

    Incidentally, I kinda sorta have it fleshed out as the first part of a trilogy. The next two are "Prince Koindrindra's Revenge" and "Koindrindra the King." Heaven help us if I ever actually write them.