Tuesday, February 21, 2006


No baby yet. Lisa hasn't had a bout of regular contractions since Saturday, but they're still coming here and there. The pressing discomforts she was experiencing have mostly subsided, but now she's just pretty much tired of being pregnant.

And, lest anyone worry too much, the due date's still a little bit away. But Keela came somewhat early and fast, so we're still primed to expect a similar delivery this time around. This one's at least as big, if not bigger, than Keela was, and if he hangs around until the due date he'll probably come out at around 8 pounds, which is bigger than even Calista. The good news is that his head is down and he's dropped into pretty much perfect postion for delivery. The bad news is that he's not pleased with his cramped quarters, and keeps kicking Lisa's liver up into her throat...

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