Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pleasant surprise

So I was doing one of those narcissistic Google searches on myself that all authors secretly do but never admit to, when I came across this unexpected review at
The first thing you should know about Jayme Lynn Blaschke is that, despite his name, he is a guy. The next thing you should know is that he is a talented writer and interviewer. Voices of Vision is a collection of Blaschke's interviews done between 1997 and 2002. Some of these interviews have been previously published, while some are seeing the light of day for the first time.


A good interviewer has to be able to think quickly on his or her feet to sometimes follow the good stuff that deviates from any planned questions or to rein in an interviewee who heads off into Outer Mongolia. Blaschke proves that he is well able to do both.

Wow. Another very positive review. I'll have to send Laurie Thayer a thank-you note. And as if that wasn't enough, I've just learned that Voices of Vision has been recommended by Emerald City for the "Best Related Book" Hugo Award. I am, as they say, quite humbled by this. The positive reception my little niche book has received is nothing short of overwhelming.

And yes, the fact that you're reading a blog entry from me is a pretty clear indicator that we're still waiting on the kid to make up his mind when he wants to be born. Remember that stuff I posted yesterday about Lisa getting over her discomfort? Forget it.

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  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Laurie Thayer is, of course, one of the eld Tamson House Krew. Whether she is presently in the House is something only she knows (and possibly Rick), but she is certainly on LJ as well.