Thursday, February 09, 2006

Asimov's review!

Gosh, that Paul Di Filippo must habor a huge man-crush on me. How else to describe the glowing review he bestowed upon Voices of Vision in the March issue of Asimov's?
All in all, an expert savvy interviewer is a rare beast.
Jayme Lynn Blaschke is just such a paragon, as illustrated by his excellent collection of interviews titled Voices of Vision.

And, later on...
Whether discussing twenty years of editing with Gardner Dozois, the history of Green Arrow with Brad Meltzer, or Babylon 5 with Harlan Ellison, Blaschke displays reverence, passion and curiosity. He manages to elicit quotable moments from everyone, and dredges up insightful arercus from such interesting folks as Gene Wolfe, Jack Williamson, Samuel Delany and Charles de Lint.

I am, obviously enough, extremely flattered. The book's been out a while now, and I expect the Asimov's review to be pretty much the last new one to come down the pike. But wow! Talk about saving the best for last...

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