Tuesday, March 26, 2013

64/365: Cicada shell

Went camping with Bug's Cub Scout troop over the weekend at Canyon of the Eagles Park on Lake Buchanan. The lake was so low all we could see were dried mud flats from the park. And a cold front blew in around 3 a.m. that made sleeping impossible and/or miserable. The observatory was closed and our campsite was tree-bound, so we couldn't do any star gazing. All in all, a very frustrating weekend. But Bug had fun, roasted hot dogs and made smores over the campfire and did all those silly Cub Scout things that make camping trips fun despite the hassles. And I got this nifty shot of an old cicada shell in a tree next to our tent, so I consider that win/win.

macro cicada shell, Lisa on Location Photography, 365 photo project, San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Nikon 50mm AI-S w/ reversing ring and Vivitar 2x teleconverter

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